The Interview

We consider every case we do for our clients as new employment and we must satisfy our “boss” on every case. We want to be your next employee and would love to be personally interviewed. Please call to interview Richard Monday through Friday 9 am to 6 pm at work (512) 451-5606 or on his cell (512) 2917-2914.

Operational procedure.

On each and every case we have 3 objectives.

Understanding The Order

  • Any & all or limited
  • Medical, billing, paid v. incurred
  • Getting the correct deposition questions or affidavit

Understanding The Custodian

  • Where to send it
  • Who to send it to
  • What to send with the request

Understanding The Client

  • Speaking with the client to understand what their expectations are
  • Finding out what sort of interaction they want from us
  • Learning a little about each case to know the timelines and key facts