Serving Texas Since 1988

A little about us


CCRLEGAL offers substantial institutional knowledge, state of the art technology and experienced customer service to provide clients the highest quality record retrieval products in the industry.

Institutional knowledge

In business since 1988 and a pioneer in the record retrieval industry, CCRLEGAL has amassed a database of several thousand notaries, investigators, courts and primary custodians of all types. Over the last two decades, we have established long-standing relationships with these custodians and their institutions, providing valuable resources to our clients.


In early 2009 CCRLEGAL adopted a powerful relational database tool to implement with its existing database. This combination creates a state of the art technology that allows us to provide a wider range of record retrieval products to our clients. Chief among the features will be the automatic calendaring of each custodian through completion of each case.


CCRLEGAL’S employees are not just plugged into the system. We make an effort to develop solid working relationships with our clients and to understand the needs of each client at the onset of each case. We know that every case is different, and we listen and tailor our service to the client’s needs in each particular case.

Operational procedure.

On each and every case we have 3 objectives.

Understanding The Order

  • Any & all or limited
  • Medical, billing, paid v. incurred
  • Getting the correct deposition questions or affidavit

Understanding The Custodian

  • Where to send it
  • Who to send it to
  • What to send with the request

Understanding The Client

  • Speaking with the client to understand what their expectations are
  • Finding out what sort of interaction they want from us
  • Learning a little about each case to know the timelines and key facts