Order Records

We just need a little information to get your order started. With the information provided below we can get the research and the database started, we will then contact you in order to complete the process.

Alternatively, you may attach a document that will help us get started.

Name: Email: Phone: Case Style: Cause # &
Court information:
Party whose records we are to obtain: Select a file to upload:

Operational procedure.

On each and every case we have 3 objectives.

Understanding The Order

  • Any & all or limited
  • Medical, billing, paid v. incurred
  • Getting the correct deposition questions or affidavit

Understanding The Custodian

  • Where to send it
  • Who to send it to
  • What to send with the request

Understanding The Client

  • Speaking with the client to understand what their expectations are
  • Finding out what sort of interaction they want from us
  • Learning a little about each case to know the timelines and key facts