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Energy Trading Breakup Leads to Suit Against Former GC

Two energy-trading companies in Houston sued their former general counsel on Jan. 8, alleging she took an ‘adverse role’ to them when siding with one of the two owners of the companies when the owners were negotiating a business split.

Fifth Circuit Shoots Down Statistics-Based Challenge to Arbitration

‘The only saving grace about the decision is it’s an unpublished decision,’ which does not have precedential value, said John Crouch, who represents a former employee who challenged a motion to compel arbitration. ‘There is that to be thankful for.’

Online-Defamation Suit Seeks Firm’s Client List

Two years after suing a ‘Doe’ defendant for online defamation, a Dallas personal-injury firm claims it has unmasked the author of a negative online review: a competing firm’s former worker. To determine its damages, plaintiff Lenahan Law wants a partial list of defendant Ben Abbott PC’s clients.

How Did the Rollout of E-Filing Go?

Switching to mandatory electronic filing of court documents went better than expected, say six court clerks who seem optimistic despite glitches during the transition.

Attorney Fee Fight Decided

Houston’s Fourteenth Court of Appeals has affirmed a judgment that splits a contingency fee between two Houston firms: Hightower, Russo & Capellan and Ireson, Weizel & Hightower.

Operational procedure.

On each and every case we have 3 objectives.

Understanding The Order

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  • Medical, billing, paid v. incurred
  • Getting the correct deposition questions or affidavit

Understanding The Custodian

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  • What to send with the request

Understanding The Client

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  • Finding out what sort of interaction they want from us
  • Learning a little about each case to know the timelines and key facts