8 Ways to Safeguard Client Data

Here are eight practical steps you can take to minimize your corporation’s risk and be sure that your lawyers are in synch. Consider including security requirements in your outside counsel engagement letters and billing guidelines.

What Other Departments Need From Legal

Analysis of how different departments assess the importance and effectiveness of their legal departments sheds light on how we might think about serving the whole company more effectively—one client at a time.

Top Laptop Computers for Lawyers

In a world transfixed by smartphones and tablets, laptops are still the best way to get real work done.

Carefully Pick Your Battles With Clients

The client may not always be right, but if you pick your battles carefully, you’ll end up together at the finish line.

Getting Referrals and Sustaining a Family Law Practice

So, you graduated law school, you networked with your family law professors, you joined your local bar associations, you hold a position in one of them, and now the clients and referrals keep rolling in, right? Well, not necessarily.